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pretty much sums up my life
  jasper5408, Oct 23 2009

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lcd calibration
  jasper5408, Oct 22 2009

since i'm assuming most of you guys have lcd monitors or laptops i found a nice little built in thing for windows
if you type "dccw" into the search bar or run command u get a nice little calibrator. it helped a little bit (it was noticeable for me) don't expect anything magical.

also for those of you who got game check my last blogpost plz

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b-day help
  jasper5408, Oct 21 2009

it's my friend's bday in 2 days. she's a really nice girl and has shown some interest in me as well. don't want to get her anything that seems desperate but i think some sorta gift is in order. any ideas?

plz no suggestions of starcraft boxed sets or anything of the sort...

also i want to make a video of me playing mainly to get some feedback. i remember some links or rapidshares or something, if there is an easier way plz educate


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